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Well Child Visit

Odam Medical Group

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Well-child visits can help you teach your child to prioritize their health while tracking their growth and development. At Odam Medical Group in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota, Robert Larbi-Odam, MD, MPH, and Nimo Ahmed, MSN, CNP, visit with you and your child consistently as your child grows older. They also offer important services like immunizations and diagnostic lab work. Book a well-child visit for your child by calling either office or scheduling online today.

Well Child Visit Q & A

What is a well-child visit?

A well-child visit is a doctor’s appointment to check in on your child’s general health and development. During these visits, your provider at Odam Medical Group gives your child a brief physical examination and takes measurements like their height, weight, and blood pressure. 

It’s easy to remember to bring your child in for sick visits since they likely have symptoms that are uncomfortable for them. But even though your child might be in perfect health at the time of a well-child visit, these appointments are just as important as sick visits. 

Your provider asks you and your child questions about their development and might perform a few tests to make sure your child is on track with healthy growth. 

They can also give you and your child health and wellness advice and answer any questions you have about your child’s physical, mental, and social development. 

Which services are available during well-child visits?

Odam Medical Group offers a range of additional services beyond the scope of a physical exam that your child might need during a well-child visit depending on their age and health needs, including developmental screenings, immunizations, and lab tests.

Developmental screenings

Developmental screening tests can show if your child has any delays in their growth and development, including learning disabilities, speech problems, and behavioral issues. Your provider follows a checklist to compare your child’s development to that of others in their age group and measure your child’s own growth since previous visits. 


Odam Medical Group offers vaccines to protect your child from infectious illnesses like tetanus, polio, pertussis, measles, and the flu. 

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing, like urinalysis and blood work, can help your provider make a diagnosis, track changes in health parameters, or rule out conditions that may be affecting your child. The team conducts all laboratory testing as prescribed by Minnesota guidelines. 

How often does my child need a well-child visit?

You should book well-child visits for your child at Odam Medical Group about once a year until they turn 21 years old. After that, they should continue their own preventive care by scheduling adult physicals for themselves. 

Before your child turns three, well-child visits should happen more frequently than once a year. As your child grows from an infant into a toddler, you should book well-child visits when they’re:

  • Three to five days old
  • One month old
  • Two months old
  • Four months old
  • Six months old
  • Nine months old
  • Twelve months old
  • Eighteen months old
  • Two years old
  • Two and a half

Your provider can help you keep up with your child’s vaccination schedule during their well-child visits too. 

Schedule your child or adolescent’s next well-child appointment by phone or online at either Odan Medical Group office today.