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Insurances accepted

1. Medicare
2. Medical Assistant/Minnesota Care
3. Medica
4. Blue Cross Blue Shield
5. HealthPartners
6. Ucare
7. Preferred One
8. United Healthcare

For all other insurances

Call your insurance to verify if we are in your network. Also bringing your insurance card to your visit will facilitate your care.

Patients with No Insurance

Uninsured patients may pay on the date of service and receive a “same day discount” which is a 20% discount on charges. If your total charges are less than $100, you will be expected to pay in full at the time of service. Without knowing the exact care that will be provided prior to the actual visit, the final discount amount is determined and paid at the completion of the visit. If your charges exceed $100 you may make a $100 deposit and enroll in an auto payment plan, which allows us to set up a monthly credit/debit card payment.

To enroll you must notify our Business Office to set up acceptable payment arrangements. The minimum monthly payment is dependent upon your account balance.

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