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About the Practice

Odam Medical Group is a welcoming family practice and medical clinic serving patients in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota. Robert Larbi-Odam, MD, MPH, Nimo Ahmed, MSN, CNP, and the team are multilingual and communicate to patients about their conditions and treatments in easy-to-understand terms. The providers take a compassionate approach, listening to patient concerns and allowing them to take active roles in their own care. 

Odam Medical Group is conveniently located on a major medical campus, and the clinic’s team can quickly admit patients for a hospital stay or make referrals to local specialists. They also have access to state-of-the-art imaging tests and a laboratory for blood work, urinalysis, and other testing. 

The team frequently performs physical exams for patients of all ages, including Medicare annual wellness exams, which can serve several different purposes. Immigration exams can help patients take important steps toward becoming United States citizens, while school and sports exams are a prerequisite for enrollment or sports participation. 

Odam Medical Group’s kid-friendly providers also offer well-child exams to track children’s development as they age. 

Odam Medical Group specializes in treating and managing both acute and chronic illnesses. They frequently treat and monitor patients who have hypertension, diabetes, asthma, allergies, eczema, hormone imbalances, and a wide range of other common conditions that fall under the scope of primary care. They also offer men’s health and women’s health care visits.

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  • We offer Covid vaccinations.

    To schedule an appointment, please text (952) 992-9304. We will contact you for an appointment time.

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We offer
Immigration and Refugee Health.

For further information, please see the site below or contact (612) 433-1805.



Our Mission: Odam Medical Group is a Family Medicine oriented Primary Medical Care provider. We are driven to prevent our community from developing illness; and positioned to manage all health conditions so that our patients do not suffer complications. We understand that healthcare is very expensive so we seek to help patients reduce cost by providing timely service the first time. As part of our mission to connect families to good health care, Odam Medical Clinic offers services for those who don’t have health insurance or are under-insured. Odam Medical Clinic also provides direction to services of patient advocates who will help those eligible to enroll in Medical Assistance and other public health insurance programs. And for those who do have coverage, we accept most plans.


Accepted Insurances

For your convenience, Odam Medical Group accepts most major insurance plans. Click on “View full list of companies” to see a list of commonly accepted insurances. This list is not entirely inclusive of all the plans we accept. For specific insurance plan inquiries, please contact the office .

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Preferred One

Serviced for people with no insurance

1. General flat rate for office visits.
2. Vaccination for adults. (Minnesota Adult Uninsured and Underinsured Program)
3. Vaccination for children and school shot. (Minnesota Vaccine for Children program)
4. Free cancer screening for cervical cancer. (PAP Smear)
5. Free breast cancer screening exam. (Mammogram)
6. Free cancer screening for colon cancer for patients aged 50 and at-risk groups.
7. Sage Women’s Health Program

Office Diagnostic testing:

1. Point of care labs for blood sugar, hemoglobin, pregnancy test, strep testing, urine test for infection, Mono test, Covid-19, and flu testing are done in the clinic at all locations and on the mobile Medical Unit.
2. Moderate and High complexity labs are conducted through Quest Labs services.
3. Basic X-rays are performed at our Crystal location.

Diagnostic test requiring a referral to our Specialty Partners.
1. Cardiology testing
2. Vascular testing
3. CT scans
4. MRI
5. Ultrasounds
6. Nuclear Medicine Testing

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    "We love our family doctor, Dr. Robert Larbi Odam. The staff at Odam Medical Clinic are deeply caring and professional. Best clinic medical care for my family"

    Christy S.
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    "I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain, autoimmunity, or just family medicine to go see him. You won't be disappointed!"

    Celine L.
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    "It is a pleasure having Dr. Odam as a doctor."

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